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Fantasy Corn League Draft for 2021
5 Teams
Mother Shuckers – Matt
Rougher Than a Cob – Bill
Doug’s Best Corning Team – Doug
Cornhole Warriors – Max
Todd’s Tilthies – Todd

Disclaimer: THIS IS FOR FUN AND EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. We are independent crop consultants, which means we don’t sell agricultural products and recommend products on the basis of merit and value. We feel all seed companies have many good varieties to offer. We work hard to not have company bias and pick based on past field experience with varieties and plot data. We let the Farmer pick which seed company they want to work with and then work with them to pick varieties from that seed company. If a seed company or farmer has a variety that we should try, we would love to take a look at it. Again this is for fun, the winner gets a trophy and a charity will get some money.

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