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Our Team

Nate Nysse
Senior Agronomist
Bill Schaumberg
Todd Schaumberg
Jake Geiger
Matt Brugger
Doug Hinz
Derek Potratz
Director of Research
Jon Schaumberg
Associate to the Agronomist
Jim West
Compliance Specialist
Jake Schuh
Soil Specialist
Max Garvey
Associate Agronomist

Research at Tilth Ag

Research Capabilities at Tilth Ag


  • Demo Plots
  • Variety Trials
  • Fungicide Trials
  • Cultural Practices (crop row spacing, tillage, population, etc.)
  • Plant Growth Regulator Trials
  • Fertilizer Trials
  • Herbicide Trials
  • Seed Increase
Who we work with


  • Plant Breeders
  • Seed Companies
  • Seed Producers
  • Research Consultants
  • Agro Chemical Companies
  • Biotech Companies
  • Fertilizer Suppliers
  • Farmers
Research Crops we look at


  • Corn
  • Soybean
  • Wheat
  • Small Grains
  • Alfalfa
  • Forage
  • Industrial Hemp

Full Service Crop Consulting

Whether you are looking for a Nutrient Management Plan (NMP), soil sampling, fertilizer recommendations or any of our other services, we will customize our service to best fit your operation.

Nutrient Management Planning

Overall farm plan that assesses any resource concerns present on the farmstead and farmland, giving recommendations to solve any environmental impacts that may be present. All employees are certified and have experience writing several plans. This company has not and will not write a plan that will not be followed up for years afterward. These plans have proved invaluable to producers for NRCS building project funding, farms applying for 243 certification and those in need of siting evaluation.

Precision Agriculture

We are a non-bias resource that can match the in field needs to the seed variety that can provide highest yield or highest economic return.

Soil Sampling

Soil sampling your fields gives you the levels of nutrients are present, as well as other information such as levels of organic matter or the pH of the soil. If you have a Nutrient Management Plan (NMP), you are required to soil sample your fields every 4 years on 5 acres per soil sample basis. Tilth Agronomy can provide with these samples, as well as maps showing where the samples were taken, the levels of nutrients at each sample point, and more.We use GPS to consistently sample your fields in the same areas. We typically sample using 2.5 or 5 acre grids, depending on how you want to use the samples. 5 acre increments meet NMP requirements, while more intense 2.5 acre grids can be used to make variable rate prescriptions.

Electrical Conductivity (EC) Mapping

We use our Veris 3100 to map your fields based on Electrical Conductivity (EC). As we pull the Veris across your field it sends an electrical signal into the ground and measures the change in voltage.  This allows the Veris to show the soil boundaries in the field because soils like clay conduct electricity better than sand.

Crop Monitoring and Pest Management

Crop monitoring is done on a weekly or more often basis during the spring and summer months. Using University and Integrated Pest Management guidelines our recommendations are based on sound scouting techniques and scientifically researched thresholds.

WPDES Permits

Our staff is certified in many areas allowing your Agronomist to work with most NRCS programs.

Drone Scouting

With our drone program we can cover your farm 100%.  Our team of certified pilots have the experience to cover your farm from a whole different perspective.

“Tilth” is defined as “the physical condition of the soil in relation to plant growth”; in essence, the health of the soil.  We feel that striving for high quality soil health and productivity is the key for success and profitability of your business.